Post-vasectomy spermogram 3.0

What is vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a minor contraceptive surgery that prevents spermatozoa from being ejaculated. The procedure consists of ligating the vasa deferentia. This action blocks the passages from the testes to the urethra. After vasectomy, a man still can ejaculate. But, from that point on, the ejaculate is a spermatozoa-free liquid mainly composed of a mix of seminal vesicles and prostatic secretions.

Why undergo a post-vasectomy spermogram?

In the healthy man that has not yet undergone vasectomy, the spermogram reveals the presence of millions of spermatozoa which were produced in the testes, accumulated in the epididymis and then traveled up the vas deferens towards the urethra at the time of ejaculation.

A post-vasectomy spermogram is required to confirm that the vasectomy was successful and that no spermatozoa remain in the ejaculate.

Why choose Nasci for a post-vasectomy spermogram?

In a post-vasectomy spermogram from Nasci, the ejaculate is submitted to flow cytometry in order to precisely determine the number of remaining spermatozoa and in order to determine if those remaining spermatozoa are alive or not. This unique technique has been developed by Nasci especially for post-vasectomy spermograms. A patent is pending for this invention. It allows Nasci to quantify spermatozoa on a sub-sample 100 to 1000 times bigger than when a microscopy post-vasectomy spermogram is performed. Precision is beyond compare.

In general, in other laboratories, post-vasectomy spermogram is done exclusively by microscopy and is performed on very small sample of the ejaculate. Inevitably, meticulousness, patience and even luck, each of these become necessary during the search of spermatozoa on the microscope in order to detect the rare ones that might remain after vasectomy. This technique leaves a huge part of vagueness into the evaluation of the real spermatozoa concentration. Flow cytometry is the solution to this problem.

In addition, viability analysis by flow cytometry allows to determine if the spermatozoa observed after the vasectomy are coming from the testicles. If viable spermatozoa are detected, even in small numbers, it is likely that the vasectomy is not perfect. Nasci is the only laboratory to make this type of analysis possible.

This is why post-vasectomy spermograms are realized using flow cytometry at Nasci. And this is why you want to choose Nasci.

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Here are the main parameters measured during a post-vasectomy spermogram at Nasci.

  • Volume of the ejaculate
  • pH of the ejaculate
  • Viscosity of the ejaculate
  • Spermatozoa concentration by flow cytometry
  • Spermatozoa viability by flow cytometry
  • Motility percentage (if relevant) by computer-assisted microscopy
  • Quantitative leukospermia (white blood cells) by flow cytometry


The price of the post-vasectomy spermogram is $195 and is covered by most private health insurance programs.
A $100 fee is applicable for cancellations that occur less than 4 days before the appointment.


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