Azoospermia: wrong diagnosis

Last week, we received a couple struggling with fertility problems.

Doctors had already attempted to retrieve spermatozoa directly from the epididimys  (PESA) because they could not find any spermatozoa in his sperm. Unfortunately, it did not work. Spermatozoa would then have to be looked for by testicular biopsies (TESE). This means that incisions are made into the testicle and tissue is extracted and dissected into the lab to find spermatozoa that can be injected into oocytes (ICSI).

In case testicular biopsies fail, the couple was considering using the sperm from a donor.

Have a look at what happened by looking at this video (french)!

Oh! And please be indulgent for the video quality. It is our first time!

Thank you!

Mathieu Boilard, Ph.D., Biologist,
President, Nasci Biologie Médicale

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