Mathieu Boilard now member of the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists


This is great!  This scientific and professional association has a mission of representing clinical biochemists across Canada. To summarize, members collaborate to establish the standards in the field of clinical diagnosis. Therefore, the society becomes a reference for governments and governmental organisms, the industry and healthcare associations, in the interest of the general public. Click here to visit their website.

I’m very anxious to bring my contribution by presenting evidences that demonstrate the importance to strenghten standards in the field of male sub-fertility evaluation and particularly in the field of sperm analysis.

Dre Lyne Massicotte is herself “fellow of the academy” of the CSCC. This is like being a member of the great council… so hierarchy speaking, she’s still ranked way on top compared to me!

BUT!  Nasci is thereby the only medical laboratory in Canada entirely owned and led by two members of this society to our knowledge. This is just another demonstration of all the energy we invest into providing high quality diagsnosis in our field of expertise.

Our first concrete action within the society is coming up very soon. Follow our blog by liking and following our Facebook page and our Twitter account to stay informed.

Thank you!

Mathieu Boilard,
Président, Nasci Biologie Médicale Inc.

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Nasci Biologie Médicale Inc. is actively conducting several research projects on human fertility. Because of that, our laboratory is constantly seeking sperm donors in order to continuously improve the analyses offered and to develop new ones for the future. If you are interested in helping future clients and contributing to the success of our business, please contact us by clicking ici