Nasci will be present at the meeting of the Réseau Québécois en Reproduction

Dre Lyne Massicotte will be presenting the clinical performance of the post-vasectomy spermogram by flow cytometry at the meeting of the Réseau Québécois en Reproduction.

She will expose to the researchers of the network the case of a couple who  lived a drama. This couple had received a confirmation from a medical lab stating that no spermatozoa were present in the ejaculate of the man. The woman became pregnant. Then the couple received a second confirmation from a medical lab which was identical to the first one. This situation obviously caused a commotion for him since he has always been trusting his partner. Obviously, the situation was not any easier to bear for her.

The first clinical evaluation from Nasci confirmed the presence of tens of thousands of living spermatozoa in the ejaculate by means of flow cytometry. Concentrations were below the detection limit of the classical method by microscopy.

The classical post-vasectomy spermogram by microscopy has been abandoned by Nasci because it is not precise enough and because the detection limit is too high to confirm to a couple that the vasectomy procedure is a success.

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Dr Mathieu Boilard

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