The Collège des Médecins is examining the practice of some fertility clinics

Yesterday, La Presse published a paper from Mme Pascale Breton (click here to read the paper (french)) in which she explains that the Collège des Médecins du Québec is presently examining the practice of fertility clinics due to a recent increase in the number of multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets…) resulting from medically assisted procreation (artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, etc.).

Even though Nasci is not a fertility clinic, this paper caught our attention and we felt compelled to investigate this further.

We were informed by The Collège des Médecins that their investigation concerns only some fertility clinics, not all of them. The Collège however confirmed that a recent rise in the number of multiple pregnancies associated with medically assisted procreation had been reported to them and that some verification would have to be made.

Fertility clinic practicians in the province of Quebec typically transfer one embryo at a time in the uterus of the hoping-to-be future mother. For some cases however, chances of success are significantly lower which bring the practicians to transfer two or three embryos at a time.

To be continued…

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