Nasci has now 200 « likes » on Facebook!

We take a moment today to highlight that Nasci now has 200 likes on Facebook.

On this special occasion, we wish to thank sincerely all of those who already took the time and continue to take the time to support us by liking the page, sharing the page and suggest it to their friends.

Nasci is a unique concept in itself in the field of fertility. To our knowledge, it is the only fertility-dedicated medical lab in Canada that is both owned and directed by life science scientists (biologist, biochemist); thereby confering to Nasci a very particular vision and expertise.

With this vision and this expertise, Nasci emphasizes on updating the technologies applied to male fertility diagnosis.

Thus, Nasci acts like afortifying agent in the complex process of sub-fertility diagnosis.

So far, Nasci’s already interesting service offer presents nevertheless nothing but a few precious stones from the treasure chest that will be revealed in the next few months and years.

Please keep supporting us, the best is yet to come!


Dr Mathieu Boilard and Dre Lyne Massicotte
Founders of Nasci Biologie Médicale

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Nasci Biologie Médicale Inc. is actively conducting several research projects on human fertility. Because of that, our laboratory is constantly seeking sperm donors in order to continuously improve the analyses offered and to develop new ones for the future. If you are interested in helping future clients and contributing to the success of our business, please contact us by clicking ici