Dr Pierre Leclerc visiting Nasci

Dr Leclerc visiting NasciLately, it was with great pleasure that Nasci welcomed Dr. Pierre Leclerc (on the right of the picture), professor, researcher and director of the Centre for Research on Biology of Reproduction (CRBR) at l’Université Laval. Dr Leclerc runs his research laboratory in the Centre de Recherche du CHU de Québecl (CHUL) where he and his team investigate the mechanisms that render human spermatozoa, or from other species, fertilization competent, using cellular and molecular biology approaches.

Dr Leclerc came to learn about Nasci facilities in order to consider with all informations in hand the possibility of performing research in collaboration with Nasci.

The work of Dr Leclerc is published into the best scientific journals in his domain of expertise. A non-exclusive list of his recent scientific articles is available here.

We wish to thank Dr Leclerc for his faith in Nasci. We would also like to benefit from the occasion to invite other researchers who might be interested into adding a clinical aspect to their research work to contact us. It will be a pleasure for us to present them how Nasci can contribute to add value to their great ideas.

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