Fertility spermogram : why do we have to run? (Part 3)

Fertility spermogram : why do we have to run? (Part 1)
Fertility spermogram : why do we have to run? (Part 2)

In the first two parts of this serie of articles, we explained that a clinical evaluation like a fertility spermogram requires reference values to be established. Then the fertility spermogram analysis protocol has to match the one performed to establish the reference values in order to be able to evaluate the patient on defined bases. We also explained that in the case of a spermogram, the fertility evaluation has to be done quickly because in a normal context, spermatozoa don’t stay in the seminal plasma for very long.

Effectively, seminal plasma contains many particular proteins and sugars. These molecules are in charge of rapidly initiating spermatozoa metabolism changes along with cell membrane composition changes. These modifications are in fact part of the process of preparing the spermatozoa to fertilize the ovum.

If we wait for too long before performing the fertility spermogram, and if this process continues for too long, it is most likely that biochemical phenomenon with no link to fertility at all will happen and interfere with our ability to detect problems revealing to the fertility problem of the couple. In other words, if spermatozoa are « abnormal », we can’t tell if it’s inherent to the patient condition or if it’s caused by prolonged exposure to the biochemical agents from the seminal plasma.

For your fertility spermogram, put your trust into spermatozoa physiology professionals who have a deep understanding of these biochemical phenomenons so that your clinical analysis can be 200% reliable. Entrust Nasci with the task of performing your fertility spermogram.

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Dr Mathieu Boilard, Ph. D.

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