Sperm DNA fragmentation: a video that helps to understand.

Why do we care about sperm DNA fragmentation? In fact, it’s because the spermogram does not say it all. To be fertile, it takes more than numerous motile spermatozoa. The biochemical path to fertilization is more complex than what can be revealed by simple microscope observation. Sperm DNA fragmentation is one of these parameters that we can’t see.

Thus, sperm DNA fragmentation has to be evaluated in order to take an enlighten decision before undertaking any medical treatment related to sub-fertility. Effectively, high sperm DNA fragmentation impairs chances of conceiving naturally but also reduces the chances of success of many popular medically assisted procreation techniques like artificial insemination. Sperm DNA fragmentation analysis is therefore a must.

Nasci suggests you a report from the TV program “Le Code Chastenay” that allows you to see the type of analysis we offer you access to at our medical laboratory. Dr. Robaire from McGill University studies the semen from cancer survivors. Dr. Robaire is a world-renowned researcher. He is the the coeditor-in-chief of “Biology of Reproduction” which is one of the most prestigious journal specialized in reroductive biology.

Click here to set an appointment for your sperm DNA fragmentation evaluation by flow cytometry and offer yourself with the best understanding of your medical condition. Here is a link to the page of our website concerning sperm DNA fragmentation analysis.

Thank you and I hope this video will help you.

Dr Mathieu Boilard, Ph.D.
President, Nasci Biologie Médicale

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