Vasovasostomy spermogram

The “oligo” mode

The oligo mode is exclusive to Nasci and is an alternative protocol that can be triggered if needed as a vasovasostomy spermogram or a fertility spermogram is performed.

A possible outcome of a vasovasostomy spermogram or a fertility spermogram is the discovery that the sample is “oligospermic”; which means that the ejaculate contains just a few spermatozoa. When such situation arises, the spermatozoa procedure cannot be completed as planned. However, it remains important to determine if the rare spermatozoa that are present are alive or not. Yet, no method exist to reliably assess sperm viability using a microscope when spermatozoa concentration is very low.

In such instances, Nasci switches from the vasovasostomy spermogram or the fertility spermogram protocols to the oligo mode. Once the microscopic evaluation of the sample has revealed very low spermatozoa concentration, the flow cytometer is used to analyse a huge fraction of the ejaculate (equivalent to about 100 spermograms!) in order to characterize the spermatozoa that are present.

Doctors who execute medically assisted procreation techniques or vasovasostomy surgeries can then use the information obtained from this analysis in order to help you make the right decision concerning treatments.

Nasci is a highly specialized laboratory in sperm analyses like vasovasostomy spermograms or fertility spermograms. Trust Nasci for this kind of analyses.

The cost of the analysis is 315$. A $100 fee is applicable for cancellations that occur less than 4 days before the appointment.

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