Sperm DNA fragmentation

The principal objective of a spermogram is to determine the number of spermatozoa present within an ejaculate. Yet, producing enough spermatozoa is not, by itself, sufficient to achieve conception. Reality is that many men producing normal quantities of spermatozoa can’t have child.

Thus, numbers don’t say it all. Semen quality is also important. In fact, in order to conceive, paternal DNA contained inside the spermatozoa must be in good shape. Otherwise, spermatozoa might be unable to fertilize. Or, sperm might fertilize but then, important sperm DNA fragmentation will cause early embryo development abortion and even pregnancy loss.

Therefore, when too important, sperm DNA fragmentation impairs natural conception. Moreover, important sperm DNA fragmentation also limits the success of certain very popular medically assisted reproduction techniques like artificial insemination. It is thus very important to quantify sperm DNA fragmentation early in the investigation process and before any kind of treatment is undertaken.

Cytometry is the best way to measure sperm DNA fragmentation. Nasci is a one of a kind laboratory regrouping a strong expertise in both fields: fertility and flow cytometry. Thus, Nasci is one of the rare medical laboratory who offers sperm DNA fragmentation analysis by flow cytometry.

The cost of the analysis is 375$. A $100 fee is applicable for cancellations that occur less than 4 days before the appointment.

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