Leukospermia analysis by flow cytometry

During a spermogram, it is not abnormal to find up to one million white blood cells (leukocytes) per milliliter of semen. After all, the immune system has to maintain minimum defense levels everywhere in the body and this includes the male genital tract.

If the spermogram shows more than 1 million leukocytes per milliliter of semen, this could indicate an infection within the male genitalia which could cause pain, alterations in accessory sex gland functions, tubal occlusion, and fertility problems.

Leukocytes can cause fertility delays because of their ability to produce an important amount of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules having an important oxidative power susceptible to impair spermatozoa’s ability to fertilize; by affecting sperm DNA for instance. (Click here for more information)

During a conventional spermogram, determining if leukocyte concentration is under or over one million per milliliter using microscopy can be quite challenging. Indeed, during the spermogram, when cell concentration is approximately 1M/mL, the number of cells observed per field under the microscope is so low that technicians do not have much to count. Inevitably, an important statistical error is thus introduced into the conventional spermogram. This is caused by the number of observations being too small. This difficulty is inherent to the technique itself. It is not related to the people performing the conventional spermogram analysis. But it is nevertheless often difficult to generate a clear diagnostic.

The reference method to determine cell concentration is cytometry and this is the tool that Nasci uses to perform spermograms. This method limits the intrinsic statistical error which is typical of microscopy methods used during a conventional spermogram. When Nasci performs a spermogram, tens of thousands of spermatozoa and leukocytes are counted by a system at the cutting edge of technology. Discuss with your doctor and contact us for your post-vasectomy spermogram or your fertility spermogram especially if you underwent a vaso-vasostomy (re-canalization). Trust state of the art technology and the unique expertise of Nasci.

The cost of this analysis is 150$. A $50 fee is applicable for cancellations that occur less than 4 days before the appointment.

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