Fertility spermogram PLUS

Fertility spermogram +, viability and acrosomeFertility spermogram PLUS is an assay composed of Nasci’s usual fertility spermogram supplemented with flow cytometry measurement of three (3) additional parameters

The first additional parameter of the fertility spermogram PLUS is sperm viability. The World Health Organization establishes that more than 58% of spermatozoa have to be alive.

The second additional parameter of the fertility spermogram PLUS is acrosomal integrity. The acrosome is a vesicle present inside the spermatozoa which opens when the spermatozoa meets the oocyte thereby allowing the spermatozoa to fertilize the oocyte. High acrosomal damage is expected to negatively affect fertility.

The third additional parameter of the fertility spermogram PLUS is leukocytes count using flow cytometry. This is a much more precise count than what is typically achieved by microscopy. It also prevents mistaking germ cells with leukocytes. A sperm sample should contain less than 1 million leukocytes per milliliter.

The price of the analysis including Nasci’s usual fertility spermogram with spermatozoa count by cytometry and strict morphology is 450$.
A $100 fee is applicable for cancellations that occur less than 4 days before the appointment.

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