Sperm DNA fragmentation : a few rectifications

Being involved in the field of sperm DNA fragmentation analysis; I’ve been reading with great attention the paper published last Friday (January 25th 2013) in « La Presse » entitled: (translated) « Are men less fertile now than before? ». Yet, there were three points discussed in

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Post-vasectomy spermogram by flow cytometry : an innovation from Nasci Biologie Médicale

With post-vasectomy spermograms, what really matters to you and your doctor is to have access to a technology that has the power to detect the few spermatozoa that are present in the ejaculate and quantify them. When they see the post-vasectomy spermogram results, most doctors will use

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Sperm DNA fragmentation, Nasci can help.

Sperm DNA fragmentation is an important parameter to verify after one year without conception and before undertaking any fertility treatment. Please visit the new section of our website that concerns sperm DNA fragmentation. You can easily set an appointment for sperm DNA fragmentation analysis or simply contact

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Nasci adds strict sperm morphology analysis

For decades now, researchers have been trying to predict animal and human fertility. Although spermogram parameters must be verified, the number of spermatozoa and their mobility do not say it all. The percentage of spermatozoa with a normal shape (normal sperm morphology) is a criteria that has

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Nasci launches spermograms by cytometry

One of the most important parameter of the spermogram is spermatozoa concentration.  Why is that? Because the spermogram analysis determines the total number of spermatozoa by multiplying the volume times the concentration. Physicians also use sperm concentration reference values of the World Health Organization (WHO) to decide

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Greetings to all and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The blog is aimed to be the informal section of the website. It will be used as a platform for the founders: Dr. Lyne Massicotte and myself, to write about a current subject

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