The mission of Nasci explained by Info Portneuf!

We wish to thank Mr Gaétan Genois for this nice opportunity and the professional work. Read the article

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Sperm analysis and the mission of Nasci are discussed in the journal Les Versants!

Thank you to Mr. Rodi and to le journal Les Versants for their professionalism Read the article

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Nasci has now 200 « likes » on Facebook!

We take a moment today to highlight that Nasci now has 200 likes on Facebook. On this special occasion, we wish to thank sincerely all of those who already took the time and continue to take the time to support us by liking the page, sharing the

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Dr Pierre Leclerc visiting Nasci

Lately, it was with great pleasure that Nasci welcomed Dr. Pierre Leclerc (on the right of the picture), professor, researcher and director of the Centre for Research on Biology of Reproduction (CRBR) at l’Université Laval. Dr Leclerc runs his research laboratory in the Centre de Recherche du

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Post-vasectomy spermogram with viability measurement : a new analysis from Nasci.

Nasci is proud to launch the post-vasectomy spermogram with spermatozoa viability measurement. When a urologist asks for a spermogram analysis on a vasectomized patient, he (she) really has two questions on his (her) mind. First : are there spermatozoa in the ejaculate of the patient? Second : are those

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An honor for Jacques J. Tremblay, a CRBR professor

Just a little word here concerning an announcement published on the CRBR (Centre de recherche en biologie de la reproduction) website. Here is the link to the news for more details. Click here. I’ve been a graduate student of the CRBR for many years myself. I can tell

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Nasci launches leukospermia analysis by flow cytometry

During a spermogram, leukocytes concentration in semen is evaluated. The spermogram is considered abnormal when more than 1 million spermatozoa per milliliter of semen are observed. Observation under the microscope that is performed during a spermogram can’t be precise enough to really quantify leukocytes as concentrations are

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Congratulations to Dre Lyne Massicotte

Best Online Cash Advances Congratulations to Dre Lyne Massicotte, founder, vice-president and lab director at Nasci Biologie Médicale. Dre Massicotte has recently been officially accepted as a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry by the Board of Directors. This constitutes an important professional accomplishment that

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Sperm DNA fragmentation: major discovery.

I just finished reading a paper from John Aitken’s laboratory published in Journal of Cell Science last Friday. This paper talks about sperm DNA repair and sperm DNA fragmentation. This laboratory just showed that, contrarily to what was always thought, sperm actually can initiate DNA repair. They

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Sperm DNA fragmentation: a video that helps to understand.

Why do we care about sperm DNA fragmentation? In fact, it’s because the spermogram does not say it all. To be fertile, it takes more than numerous motile spermatozoa. The biochemical path to fertilization is more complex than what can be revealed by simple microscope observation. Sperm

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