Post-vasectomy spermogram : published!

Our unique post-vasectomy spermogram method was published in the scientific journal Clinical Biochemistry. For the most motivated ones, the written work can be purchased here. And no, this money does not go into our pockets! We had presented this spermogram method to our peers at the annual […]

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Azoospermia: wrong diagnosis

Last week, we received a couple struggling with fertility problems. Doctors had already attempted to retrieve spermatozoa directly from the epididimys  (PESA) because they could not find any spermatozoa in his sperm. Unfortunately, it did not work. Spermatozoa would then have to be looked for by testicular […]

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The Conseil du statut de la femme du Québec meets Nasci!

Dre Massicotte and I have recently been interviewed for an article in « La Gazette des femmes » which is the journal of the Conseil du statut de la femme du Québec. In this article, we discuss about the mission of Nasci and the importance of realizing an early and […]

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Fertility clinic: the journey

Fertility clinics are able to do little miracles. But the journey is difficult and success is obviously not 100% guaranteed. Radio Canada has recently followed a couple with fertility problems through the steps they have undertaken at the fertility clinic. Ovarian stimulation, punction of the oocytes, production […]

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Nasci Biologie Médicale Inc. is actively conducting several research projects on human fertility. Because of that, our laboratory is constantly seeking sperm donors in order to continuously improve the analyses offered and to develop new ones for the future. If you are interested in helping future clients and contributing to the success of our business, please contact us by clicking ici