Dr Lyne Massicotte, Clinical Biochemist, Ph.D., CSPQ, FCACB

Founder, owner, vice-president and laboratory director.

Dr. Lyne Massicotte studied biochemistry at l’Université de Montréal. After that, she completed a master’s degree and a doctorate at the Centre de Recherche en Biologie de la Reproduction from l’Université Laval. This is when her interest in in vitro fertilization arose. For her master’s degree, she studied the sex hormones which control oocyte maturation and which allow in vitro fertilization. She developed new in vitro fertilization methodologies. The biological material required to complete her project was very hard to find. This situation compelled her to develop a very deep understanding of in vitro fertilization and the factors that might interfere with in vitro fertilization in order to reduce the chances of failure for any experimental attempt and to maximize the use of every precious sample she would obtain. She quickly came to be considered one of the most seasoned experts in in vitro fertilization by her colleagues and mentors.

While studying for her doctorate, she used her aptitude in in vitro fertilization to discover which oocyte proteins are important for the very first hours of embryo development. Again, she faced a challenge of finding enough biological material since this type of study requires thousands of bovine embryos that she finally all obtained by in vitro fertilization. The innovative nature of the methods she developed to achieve her goal led to a part of her work being published in the prestigious scientific journal “Proteomics”.

Thanks to the relevance and quality of the work accomplished during her doctorate in in vitro fertilization, she was granted a fellowship by the ministère de la santé du Québec to complete a residency in clinical biochemistry. This residency led her to obtain a post-doctoral diploma from the faculté de Médecine de l’Universtité de Montréal and a specialist certificate in clinical biochemistry.

Since then, Dr. Massicotte has been a clinical biochemist at Pierre-Boucher hospital in Longueuil, QC. She is the co-founder and laboratory director of Nasci Biologie Médicale Inc. Her dual occupation clearly reflects her unique combination of skills in clinical biochemistry and in vitro fertilization. Her expertise is the key to obtaining a quality of results never seen before in human semen diagnostic evaluation. Clients benefit from her tremendous work experience related to the steps for preparing in vitro fertilization.

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