Fertility spermogram: the importance of morphology evaluation

Fertility spermogram morphologySperm morphology is evaluated during a fertility spermogram and today, I wish to explain to you a bit more why it is so.

First, you need to know that even if an analysis called « fertility spermogram » is offered by many laboratories, all these analyses are not necessarily equivalent to one another. In fact, during a fertility spermogram, many parameters can be addressed. Some laboratories do a rather detailed analysis whereas others do the basics like estimating sperm concentration and mobility percentage.

At Nasci, spermograms are done in depth. The analysis of strict morphology is part of every single fertility spermogram analysis. Why doing such an analysis?

Well, sperm morphology scoring is a good way to start understanding other observations done during the spermogram. For instance, when sufficient numbers of spermatozoa are detected within an ejaculate (> 39 millions) but mobility is weak, we start to ask ourselves what could be going wrong at the cellular level. If sperm morphology reveals itself to be problematic, then it gives at least part of the answer. Effectively, if abnormal flagellar structure is detected for instance, then it is likely that testicular problems leading to spermatozoa fabrication problems are causing the sub-optimal sperm movement detected during the fertility spermogram. In these cases, seminal plasma composition or oxidative stress are not the only direct causes considered. Doing a fertility spermogram comprising strict sperm morphology evaluation requires quite a bit of expertise but it is one of the simplest way to detect sperm fabrication problems at the testicular level.

Ideally, 15% or more of a man’s spermatozoa would have a normal shape under the so called “strict morphology” criteria. A man producing 4% or less normally formed spermatozoa is unlikely to conceive naturally and chances of success with in vitro fertilization are unfortunaltely also reduced.

Why don’t you evaluate your ability to perform a fertility spermogram? Can you identify the two normal spermatozoa in this picture? Please visit our facebook page here and post your opinion. I’ll post the answer in a future article. Stay tuned!

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Dr Mathieu Boilard, Ph.D.
President, Nasci Biologie Médicale

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