Nasci adds strict sperm morphology analysis

For decades now, researchers have been trying to predict animal and human fertility. Although spermogram parameters must be verified, the number of spermatozoa and their mobility do not say it all. The percentage of spermatozoa with a normal shape (normal sperm morphology) is a criteria that has been studied for decades in order to better predict fertility.

In order to evaluate a man’s ability to conceive, a sperm morphology evaluation should be done in parallel to the spermogram. Effectively, even if normal sperm morphology criteria are constantly changing and evolving, many studies have demonstrated the existence of links between sperm morphology and success at conceiving. In the human, one can easily consider that the vast majority of the spermatozoa present in an ejaculate have morphological abnormalities, especially when severe criteria that we would use for other species are applied. Consequently and as reproductive biologists, it is tempting to loosen our criteria when human semen is evaluated. Otherwise, normal morphology percentages obtained are often under the 10% bar. In other words, results are so low that we start to think we should be less severe with human semen. Nevertheless, by the end of the 1980’s, Dr. Kruger and his team have started to publish interesting links between in vitro fertilization outcome and strict morphology which is a meticulous analysis of at least 100-200 spermatozoa with defined and relatively severe criteria. Today, the World Health Organization criteria for sperm morphology evaluation are inspired from Kruger’s criteria and constitute the reference method to use.

Sperm morphology evaluation with the WHO criteria requires a special expertise that you will find at Nasci. Effectively, our deep experience as researchers in the field of fertility has set our look so that we can easily detect sperm morphology abnormalities and generate valid results.

With the objective of establishing itself as the reference clinical laboratory in male fertility, Nasci is proud to announce that sperm morphology assessment with the strict criteria will be part of the fertility spermogram from this day on.

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Dr Mathieu Boilard, Ph.D.
President, Nasci Biologie Médicale

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